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1PC Magnetic Wire Puller Tool

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Tools and gadget wires are thrown behind the wall or under the floor, dont know where?

Use a fishing rod, but you dont know what to push?

Do you have to install a lot of cables, or do you have to rewire many houses slowly and carefully?

Puller-------A useful and ideal tool to help you speed up everything!

While knowing exactly where the cable is, make sure that the cable has a clear path through!

The strength of the magnet ensures that the wire puller can easily lay the wires under the floor, under the steel structure wall, under the carpet, etc.

Two types of magnets can pass through holes of different sizes.

An ideal tool to speed up all work by laying cables.

Will not damage the walls in the finished properties, allowing you to complete the work as neatly as possible.

The rotating front guide hole allows you to connect accessories like a handle. It is firmly connected to most wires and mesh wire handles.

The non-marching leader sailed around obstacles up to 20 feet.

The puller, a magnetic cable system, allows you to easily pull the cable yourself through walls, floors and ceilings, and even gaps in the ceiling. There is no longer a need to laboriously arrange wiring between the wall and the enclosed space.

Designed to make the work of electricians easier when wiring through the floor voids.

Eliminate the damage to the walls during work and the large amount of travel in and out of the attic.

A powerful magnet can clear the path and pull out the cable.

Help simplify installation in small spaces.

The puller is an ideal tool for home installers:

When completing the wiring in the properties, you cannot intrude too much into the wall.

The cable needs to be passed through the back of the cavity wall or the wall of the open space, but cannot cut into the structure of the building.

how to use?

The innovative leading pull design of the puller can smoothly pass the cable in the enclosed space in insulated spaces and other obstacles, and then allows you to pull the cable from the floor to the access point.

Step 1. Untie the wire from the spool and pass the bait magnet (attached to the wire) through the required place;

Step 2. Fix the cable (longest 10mm) to the eyelet attachment;

Step 3. Connect it to the reconnaissance magnet

she was. Use the thumb grip to pass the wire through the wall;

Step 4. Pass the cable through the gap easily.

Pullers can help you work smarter, get the job done quickly and get it right!


Product Category

Electromagnetic cable system

Material: Nylon

Cable length: 20ft. / 6m

Applicable wall thickness: 25mm

Package contents: nylon rope, scout & bait magnet, eyelet tap


Due to the strength of the magnet, it must be separated from electrical test equipment or any equipment that is affected by magnetism.

Due to the strength of the magnet, we do not recommend using it for glass walls.

Product package:


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1PC Magnetic Wire Puller Tool

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