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Brain Teasing Wooden Puzzles

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Looks can be deceiving!

While these wooden puzzles might look easy - they have hidden mysteries that get unlocked when you start assembling them.

Breaking them up is the easy part.

Question is: Can you put it back together?

There's only one way to find out...

  • Hours of fun for both kids and adults.
  • Challenge your friends and time their progress.
  • Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

These brain teasing puzzles promote sensory play and help develop fine motor skills and balance.

Some are able to do it in seconds, some take minutes, and some take HOURS - seriously!

    Get your Brain Teasing Wooden Puzzles right now and save 50%!

    • This is suit for both children and adult.
    • A unique and special wooden brain teaser puzzle.
    • The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries.
    • It is usually easy to take apart and difficult to reassemble.
    • Not only it can enhance your ability, and can even be an extraordinary plan!
    • This is the BEST GAME for developing intelligence and improving balance ability
    • The ancient Chinese wisdom, old ancestral locks, you can do it in a second, others may a hour, or even a day also couldn't do it.
    • The lock became a popular toy for all, thanks to its functions of mind-body relaxing, intelligence boosting and making fingers more flexible.

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    Brain Teasing Wooden Puzzles

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